About Us…

We, Njáll and Ciara, are two explorers in the field of sexual magick. We are a couple as well as magical partners so our work is built both on our sexual energies that we create between us through our love and attraction as well as through other magical sources. We both have many years (decades, actually) of magical work behind us, from different traditions, and have also worked separately with sexual magick with others before we met. That enables us to draw from many sources and traditions in our mutual work, thus giving us a good ground for experimenting and finding new ways to develop the field of sexual magick.

Njáll is a tantra practicing man and Ciara is a multi-orgasmic woman – a match made in heaven! That means that we can use our respective strengths to explore both the male and the female side of sexual magic. While men tend to be spent after an orgasm, women instead, shows our experience, tend to get energised by the orgasm if they continue with sexual stimulation to receive many orgasms. In order to use the sexual energy for magical work it is then very practical if the man can keep from coming as long as possible until the woman has built up the energy within her through many consecutive orgasms.

We are also both very dedicated to our work, as well as to each other. It is common for us to do longer rituals several times per week (not counting the rituals we do with our respective orders and traditions) and in between those we do smaller rituals, read, discuss and write a lot, as well as explore sexual and sensual sensations created by our unique combination of skills and talents. In short: our lives are dedicated to the Great Work and we’re doing a lot of that work within the field of sexual magick.

Our goal with this blog is to share some of our personal techniques, rituals and experiences, as well as our results with practices suggested by others. We will also share some of our extensive reading through book reviews and recommendations. Last, but not least, you can expect some practical advice that we have found to be valuable through or work.


Author: Advanced Sexual Magick

Adventures from the Frontiers of Sexual Magick

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