A call to arms


We are at the cusp of a new kind of dawn.

Never before in human history has sexual content been as accessible to the general population of the world. Just a few clicks away.
Likewise, from a Magickal perspective, we have never before seen so many previously concealed Sex Magickal secrets liberated and exposed. So-called inner-degree workings from sexual orders are now easily accessible on the internet.
Yet, these ”truths” found, that relate to the most powerful kind of magick on the planet that we might make usage of, seem to be taken at face value. Blind faith it would seem.  Modern magicians seem to have sacrificed ”The method of Science” for a hasty shot at ”The aim of Religion”. This, my friends, cannot be defines as ”Love under will”!

Time seems to have accelerated past these truths, yeah even the need to keep these truths concealed. The secrets of old come across as dated and, culturally speaking, way behind the curve. Need I mention gender issues in this respect?
The need for secrecy of such truths equally outdated (in our so-called western cultures). The need for taking responsibility for one’s actions, on the other hand, as needed as ever.
With less repressive cultural regimes and paradigms and a new era of unprecedented freedom emerging in most of the world, we will hopefully be witnessing the dawn of a New Aeon. Growing sexual tolerance (in much of the world), greater acceptance for alternative sub-cultures (in many places in the world), equals a steady increase of freedom.

Yet, with most of our sexual magickal heritage coming from an oppressed era, we seriously need to syphon our inheritance in light of our new emerging present.
We need to re-evaluate each sexual magickal perspective, technique and method and we need to do this on a personal level, interpersonal level as well as culturally and socially, etc.

In other words: a complete make-over.

Perhaps. Perhaps these old systems work for you. Perhaps they speak to your psychological make-up, your background and upbringing. Perhaps not so much.
Acknowledging each independent truth is a personal work. We have to find out what and how these truths work for ourselves, that is each experimenter or pairs of scientists. This may or may not vary from person to person, pair to pair, group to group, culture to culture, etc.

Likewise, the discipline of Sexual Magick would seem to be in its infancy. More development is needed. More creativity, new systems, experimentation and research!

So, this is therefore a call to arms! Take nothing at face value, but test it all. Keep a journal and keep track of your experiments. Keep an open analytical mind and test any sexual magickal claim that might be made. By us, by others, by experts. Let nothing pass without first having tested and verified. See if it holds true, how it holds true and when it does so and so forth. Develop your own techniques and systems. Take boldly a hold of the current and drive it has hard as you can, as soft as you can, as expertly as you can!

This is a frontier in magick that should be booming with creativity and discoveries, yet more often than not, one might find the old re-hashed, re-branded ”secrets” that are cautiously sold as yet another primer.

Time has come to change that.

Care to join us in this adventure?